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Alto nambihan Astec iBroadcast® pangimeutan Alat kamampuhan piringan Arsip Corporation urang

Reading, UNITED KINGDOM - 1st September 2014- At IBC 20214, Disk Archive Corporation (IBC Booth 8.B38F)will unveil a powerful new monitoring solution for its ALTO tapeless long-term storage system.
Developed in conjunction with technology partners Astec IT Solutions Ltd, the iBroadcast® monitoring system has the capability to monitor and manage large scale disk-based storage systems down to individual disk drive level.
Typically, ALTO Archives and Content Libraries use hundreds or even thousands of disks, either on-site in the user's facility or in a data center, and iBroadcast provides essential device monitoring for local or remote ALTO systems with visibility and exception reporting at the most granular level.
iBroadcast is used by leading broadcasters around the world to manage risk by providing a highly scalable, multi-vendor network management system offering a dynamic Supervision and Hypervision solution. Powered by Proficy*, a high performance business solutions platform from GE Intelligent Platforms which has over 300,000 license installations worldwide, iBroadcast is capable of interfacing to equipment from hundreds of different vendors and includes many powerful features such as real-time alarms, root cause analysis, workflow management, equipment control, web-based reporting, mobile device access, off-air service monitoring and much more.
"ALTO is changing the long-term storage landscape by offering the enormous benefits of a completely tapeless disk-based solution for archives and content libraries, and as ALTO users scale up to meet demand, iBroadcast's detailed device management is a very valuable enhancement to the system's capabilities," said Alan Hoggarth, Managing Director, Disk Archive Corporation.
*Proficy is a registered trademark of GE Intelligent Platform, Inc. All rights reserved.
More information about Disk Archive Corporation and its products is available at www.diskarchive.comatanapi ku telepon di + 44 118 329 0121
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About Astec IT leyuran
Astec IT Solutions Ltd. was founded in August 2000 and has grown to become a leading supplier of network management and monitoring and control solutions to our customers throughout Europe and North America. We strive to improve operational effectiveness and profitability for all our customers by delivering specialist management, production, reporting, and monitoring and control information technology solutions. Our solutions have been created for many of the world’s leading enterprises across numerous sectors including Broadcasting, Food & Beverage, Power Generation, Utilities, Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Packaged Goods.
About Disk Archive Corporation
Disk Archive Corporation Ltd. ( develops high capacity, high availability solutions for long-term, large-volume, completely tapeless storage of Media files. DAC's ALTO archive storage systems use leading-edge disk drive technology to offer performance and economic benefits over Data Tape Libraries, allowing media companies to accommodate new strategies for data protection and complete the transition to fully tapeless operation. ALTO is optimized for longevity, security and performance, with a very low total cost of ownership and low environmental impact. Compared to conventional archive systems, ALTO is easier to own and more affordable to operate. Established in 2009, Disk Archive Corporation is a privately-owned company drawing on more than 15 years experience designing, delivering and supporting Media Storage, Media Asset Management and Archive Management solutions.


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