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GB Labs announces automation integration with Backblaze B2 cloud storage

READING, UK, 17 June 2019 – GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries, has integrated San Mateo, California-based Backblaze’s B2 cloud storage service with GB Labs automation contained in its CORE.4 OS. GB Labs automation enable users to script useful workflows at the folder level, which streamlines tasks that would otherwise require tedious and ...

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Insight TV Launches on Sky Deutschland

Insight TV, the world’s leading 4K UHD HDR broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, has announced that it is launching its HD channel on Sky Deutschland on 3rd June. Sky Deutschland is one of the leading entertainment providers in Germany and Austria. The program offering includes the best live sports, exclusive series, new film releases, a wide range ...

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Appear TV Expands Compression Capabilities for Its X Platform at ANGA COM 2019

COLOGNE, GERMANY, MAY 30, 2019 – Appear TV, a leading provider of next-generation high-quality video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming, will showcase its latest UHD broadcast and OTT transcoder portfolio for its X platform at ANGA COM (Stand G-11). “Transcoders are essential for broadcasters or operators looking to provide high-quality content, while keeping bitrates to a minimum,” says Carl ...

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Insight TV Launches Third Series of Power &… on 1st June with Power &…Martial Arts

Insight TV, the world’s leading 4K UHD HDR/ broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, is launching the third series of Power & … – its multi-episode and topical documentary-style series that focuses on normal people with extraordinary lives. Power &…Martial Arts is an initial eight-episode series – with further episodes to follow later this year – that delves into ...

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Magewell Enhances Video Capture and Conversion with Three New Software Tools

Magewell Bridge for NDI and Capture Express software

Free downloads provide streamlined NDI® conversion, video recording and integrated NLE video ingest with company’s popular internal and external capture devices May 29, 2019 — Nanjing, China: Magewell is continuing to add customer value to its market-leading video capture devices with the introduction of three free software tools. Magewell Bridge for NDI® enables users to convert source video into NDI ...

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Pixel Power presents virtualized automation and graphics for linear and non-linear services in Asia

Rohde & Schwarz Booth 4T3-01, BroadcastAsia 2019, Suntec Singapore, 18 – 20 June: Pixel Power is showcasing its two newest, virtualizable software products, alongside its full range of creation and playout automation systems, ideal for premium services on linear, OTT and VoD. Following its acquisition by Rohde & Schwarz in November 2018, Pixel Power, which retains its individual identity, is ...

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Grass Valley Cameras Help Presteigne Broadcast Hire Meet Growing Demands for 4K UHD, HDR and IP

MONTREAL – 8:00 BST May 22, 2019 – Grass Valley has been selected by leading UK rental house, Presteigne Broadcast Hire, as its primary cameras supplier in response to growing demand for higher resolutions and native IP support from customers in the UK. Presteigne Broadcast Hire has added 25 LDX 86N Universe 4K UHD cameras to its inventory, allowing it ...

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Insight TV Strengthens MENA Distribution with Launch on the My-HD Platform

Insight TV, the world’s leading 4K UHD HDR broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, has launched its HD channel in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) on My-HD, the first and only low-pay direct-to-home HD Pay-TV platform in the region. The deal was concluded through the Dubai based distribution company, SAWA Rights Management. Subscribers in the United ...

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Insight TV Becomes the First 4K UHD HDR Channel on Swiss Telco Sunrise’s TV neo max OTT App

Insight TV, the world’s leading 4K UHD HDR broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, has announced a distribution deal with Swiss telecoms operator Sunrise, which will see Insight TV become the first 4K UHD HDR channel to launch on Sunrise’s new TV neo max OTT app. Insight TV will available to subscribers across the country 13th May. Subscribers will ...

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Feel the Rhythm of Your City with Insight TV’s New Show ‘City Beats’

Global content creator and TV channel, Insight TV, is launching a new, musically inspired series that explores the sounds of cities and their history. Kicking off on the 13 May 2019, City Beats follows international DJ and music producer Carly Foxx on a musical journey of discovery. Each episode is set in an iconic European location, where Carly samples the ...

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Magewell Ships Dual-Channel 4K Capture Card with 12G-SDI Support

Magewell Pro Capture Dual SDI 4K Ditambah

Pro Capture Dual SDI 4K Plus flexibly captures two simultaneous channels of 4K video at full 60fps from single-link 12G-SDI, dual-link 6G-SDI or quad-link 3G-SDI interfaces April 29, 2019 — Nanjing, China: Continuing its tradition of delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions addressing key market trends, Magewell today announced the immediate availability of its new Pro Capture Dual SDI 4K Plus ...

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Magewell Named to Inaugural Streaming Media Producer 25 List of Online Video Production Innovators

Company and its solutions recognized for leadership in empowering professional media producers April 23, 2019 — Nanjing, China: Magewell is honored to be selected as one of the inaugural Streaming Media Producer 25 list of hardware, software and cloud service innovators that are “moving and shaking live production and delivery today.” The company will showcase the expanding product portfolio that ...

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Magewell NDI® Converters Win TV Téhnologi "Best Tembongkeun" Award dina NAB 2019

Magewell jeung distributor Mobile Video Alat jeung Best Tembongkeun Award pikeun kulawarga ngarobah Pro

kulawarga ngarobah Pro ngahormatan pikeun inovasi, fitur-richness jeung ongkos-efektivitas di bridging sinyal video tradisional kalayan hirup IP workflows April 17, 2019 - Nanjing, Cina: The NAB Tembongkeun perdana kulawarga ngarobah Pro Magewell ngeunaan-euyeub fitur, NDI basis hardware ® encoders éta hiji kasuksésan resounding, earning respon rongkah ti nasabah sarta coveted Best Tembongkeun Award ti Future purwakarta publikasi TV Téhnologi. ...

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Wawasan TV UHD Network Ayeuna Sadia pikeun Pausahaan NCTC Anggota

Wawasan TV, ngarah di dunya 4K UHD setelan HDR penyiar jeung produsen asli UHD-eusi, geus nandatanganan hiji pasatujuan jeung Koperasi Télévisi Cable Nasional (NCTC) nawarkeun jaringan 4K / UHD -na pikeun anggota NCTC urang nasional. MTC, nu ngagaduhan Tengah Catskill ulang gion of New York, nyaéta kahiji pikeun ngjalankeun wawasan TV. pengumuman ieu dijieun pikeun poé ku Tandaan Romano, VP, ...

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Beureum Bee Media ka showcase Ultra-Cekap Jauh Produksi jeung Network Sumbangan kalawan V-Nova P-Patalina di NAB 2019

• Beureum Bee Media optimizing jaringan kontribusina keur ngaktipkeun workflows-kualitas luhur pikeun antar-situs digawé tur jauh produksi • P.Link, Powered by PERSEUS Pro nyandak low-latency, intra-hijina UHD Tumbu di bitrates 70% leuwih handap JPEG-2000 solusi • Solusi bisa nunjukkeun hirup di Beureum Bee nangtung SU1620 di NAB 2019 Beureum Bee media, a global parusahaan jasa média ngarah, sarta ...

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COLORFRONT SHOWCASES 8K setelan HDR AND PREVIEWS utama apdet produk AT NAB 2019

Colorfront (, Akademi, Emmy sarta pamekar HPA Award-unggul tina-kinerja tinggi, dina set dailies sarta Sistem transcoding pikeun gambar gerak, siaran, OTT na commercials, ieu showcasing brand anyar, 8K-ngarah pasar kamampuhan setelan HDR jeung apdet produk utama sakuliah garis produk na. parusahaan oge geus deepened partnership téhnologi na kalawan AJA sarta diasupkeun kana kolaborasi anyar kalawan Pomfort mawa leuwih ...

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