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TBS SPARKLE, Inc. Installs Cintel Scanner for Film Archiving


Fremont, CA - May 17, 2019 - Blackmagic Desain announced today that TBS SPARKLE, Inc. has installed a Cintel Scanner and DaVinci Resolve Studio to digitize a huge amount of 16mm footage from 1955 to the 1980s. This will include the digitization of more than 3,000 films, documentaries and news shows, as well as other footage shot by TBS SPARKLE, Inc.

TBS SPARKLE, Inc. is a drama, variety, media and sports production company based out of Tokyo. The company’s management department, which is in charge of film archive work, manages videos broadcast by Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. This includes about 1.3 million videos, such as dramas, varieties, music and news programs.

“We have long wanted to make use of the film we have as digital data, but it was not realistic in terms of cost, so we couldn’t do anything for a long time. If you order these film archives externally, it could cost 200 million yen. As we continued to look for ways to digitize over 3000 valuable films, we found low cost and high quality Cintel Scanners. In house film archiving has become possible,” said Mr. Hisao Nishimura of TBS SPARKLE, Inc.

Among the 3000 titles, they found the original footage from Japan’s first domestic TV drama “Ponpoko Monogatari,” which was recorded and produced in Japan in 1957. Such valuable dramas, news and documentary films are in great demand for images that show the historical landscape, and following its digitizing it will be published as a video to look back on history.

One of the advantages of using Cintel Scanner was its ability to store high quality images in a visually lossless compressed RAW format.

“Cintel Scanner can scan with RAW even for films that have faded due to aging. So you can do color adjustment with DaVinci Resolve. Since it is scanned with RAW data, the original color can be reproduced,” said Mr. Nishimura.

He continued: “Images scanned in real time at 24 fps are sent to a Mac via Thunderbolt and sent into DaVinci Resolve Studio. The seamless integration of Cintel Scanner with DaVinci Resolve is very efficient. There is no need to create useless intermediate files, and there is no time spent copying files after scanning. With a simple process, you can work in a compact space without the need for extra equipment.“

“DaVinci Resolve performs editing, color adjustment and audio adjustment. Automatic scene search for DaVinci Resolve’s media page is very useful. Since it is seldom to use the whole scene of scan data, it is possible to efficiently find only the part you want to use with this function. It’s really easy to sort out the clips you need. With the introduction of the Cintel Scanner, we have realized an efficient film repair workflow.”

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