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Utama Vietnam Telco, FPT Telecom, pilih Thomson Video Jaringan 'Solusi Multi-layar ngajalankeun salajengna-Generation IPTV na OTT Service


Award-Winning ViBE VS7000 to Provide New IPTV and OTT Encoding Platform for FPT Play Multi-Screen Service

RENNES, France — May 29, 2015 — Thomson Video Networks today announced that FPT Telecom, one of Vietnam’s top three telecommunications providers, has deployed the award-winning ViBE(R) VS7000 multi-screen and HEVC encoding system to drive the upcoming new release of its IPTV and FPT Play app, the company’s popular IPTV and OTT video service. The VS7000 system provides a common next-generation platform for encoding both IPTV and multi-screen services to help FPT maximize available bandwidth, minimize costs, and increase revenues from FPT Play.

“For the newest generation of our IPTV and FPT Play service, we needed a reliable and flexible encoding platform that could provide advanced processing features such as mosaic, logo insertion, and text crawl,” said Vu Anh Tu, chief technology officer, FPT Telecom. “We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of several solutions, but none could match the robust capabilities and high-quality video of the ViBE VS7000 from Thomson Video Networks.”

FPT Telecom operates four tier-3 data centers to provide broadband Internet, cable Internet, and IPTV services to subscribers in 59 Vietnamese cities and provinces. Launched in 2013, the FPT Play mobile app has been downloaded and installed over 2,000,000 times. FPT Play offers SD and HD channels, as well as integrated entertainment features such as music videos and television series.

Deployed at the FPT operations centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the ViBE VS7000 system replaced aging IP streaming equipment originally installed in 2007 to support FPT’s first IPTV service. Powered by Thomson Video Networks’ MediaFlexOS video operating system, the ViBE VS7000 software runs on a state-of-the-art HP C7000 blade server for maximum reliability.

“Just as in many countries, the demand for OTT video services in Vietnam is huge and growing rapidly. FPT Telecom was one of the first to offer OTT services through FPT Play, and the company is continuing to raise the bar with the upcoming new release of the service,” said Tony Berthaud, vice president, APAC sales and services, Thomson Video Networks. “In choosing our ViBE VS7000 to drive its new convergent platform, FPT understands what’s needed for a successful and profitable OTT service — namely, the ability to provide a consistent and high-quality viewing experience across all platforms and devices while also conserving bandwidth and maximizing operational efficiencies.”

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