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Video Content Owners and Service Providers Gain Agility With Harmonic OTT, SaaS and UHD Solutions at Convergence India 2019


Service providers are facing several challenges in the traditional broadcast and video streaming businesses: how to be more agile, how to enhance video quality, how to cost-effectively deliver live and VOD content to a wide range of devices and how to boost monetization. At Convergence India 2019, harmonik‘s software-based approach for media processing, playout and delivery will offer solutions for a variety of deployment scenarios, including cloud and on-premises environments. harmonik‘s software solutions address the most critical challenges facing operators, enabling them to be nimbler, operationally efficient and deliver superior QoE across all screens.

XCHARXIndia is set to be one of the top 10 OTT video markets by 2022. To successfully address the incredible growth happening in the regional video streaming market, service providers must be agile,XCHARX said Tony Berthaud, vice president of sales, APAC at harmonik. “At Convergence India, we will showcase how operators can launch video streaming services faster, deliver better video quality and streamline their workflows through innovative software and cloud solutions that have been successfully deployed by leading operators around the world.”

At Convergence India 2019, harmonik will highlight the following:

Launch OTT Channels Faster Using SaaS for the Entire Workflow, Including Playout
By unifying the entire media processing chain, from ingest to playout, transcoding, encryption, packaging and origin, harmonikXCHARXs VOS®360 Video software-as-a-service (SaaS) enables operators to launch video streaming services faster and greatly simplify their operations. With VOS360 Video SaaS, operators can support a wide range of business models, including time-shift TV, VOD, live sports streaming, dynamic ad insertion for OTT and targeted advertising for broadcast, giving a boost to content monetization.

harmonik will showcase breathtaking images featuring NASA content from the worldXCHARXs first 24/7 UHD HDR video streaming service, powered by VOS360 Video SaaS, on Roku devices.

Deliver Superior Video Quality at a Lower Cost With Content-Aware Encoding
At Convergence India 2019, harmonik will demonstrate how operators can improve QoE and increase bandwidth efficiency by up to 50 percent through AI-based technology in the companyXCHARXs award-winning EyeQ™ content-aware encoding solution.

Simplify UHD Service Delivery With an End-to-End Solution
harmonik‘s end-to-end UHD workflow solution supports a wide range of applications, including channel origination, live streaming and on-demand. At the heart of harmonik‘s UHD solution are the Spectrum™ X media server, Polaris™ Play channel-in-a-box automation, and Electra® X encoder, which deliver pristine video quality at low bitrates. This solution can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud as part of harmonikXCHARXs VOS360 Video SaaS.

Ihtisar parusahaan:

harmonik (NASDAQ: HLIT), pamingpin di sakuliah dunya dina puseuran téhnologi jeung jasa pangiriman video, nyandak pausahaan media na panyadia ladenan pikeun nganteurkeun jasa siaran-kualitas ultra tinggi-na video OTT ka konsumén global. parusahaan oge geus revolutionized aksés sambungan kabel jejaring via munggaran solusi aksés sambungan kabel virtualized industri urang, anu ngamungkinkeun para operator sambungan kabel ka beuki flexibly nyebarkeun layanan internét gigabit ka imah pamakéna 'na alat nu bagerak. Naha ngajarkeun pangiriman video OTT via awan inovatif tur software-sakumaha-a-jasa (SaaS) téknologi, atawa powering pangiriman jasa sambungan kabel internét gigabit, harmonik geus ngarobah cara pausahaan media na panyadia ladenan monetize hirup jeung VOD eusi dina unggal layar. Inpo leuwih mangrupa sadia dina

Sadaya merek dagang muncul di dieu mangrupakeun merek hak milik nu bogana.

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harmonik VOS®360 Video SaaS

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harmonik EyeQ ™ Kandungan-Sadar Encoding Solusi

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Convergence India 2019 Exhibitor Preview
Jan. 29-31
New Cirebon
Aula 12A, Nangtung E1

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